man, dice


1 - You are active and motivating. You are versatile person, but can be especially great in business affairs.
2 - You are sensitive and touchy. You are very attentive to details and take into account everything.
3 - You are very appealing person by nature. The charm you have is magnetizing.
4 - You are disciplined and realistic. You easily overcome routine. You are very attentive and value every little thing.
5 - You are versatile person who is ready for many tasks. You are very determined and endurable person. The physical abilities of your body can be incredibly developed.
6 - You are the person who combines realism and sensitivity; a lot of artists have this number.
7 - You have developed inner feeling, and can understand the thoughts of the brightest minds.
8 - You are ambitious and can be a great boss and\or peacemaker. You always strive for the best and lead others this way.
9- You are decisive and strong person, you have an artistic talent. People like you should be on the stage.
11 - You are always doing some artistic work and obtain inner charm. Your ideas are vivid, interesting and witty.
22 - You are a purposeful person, who obtains profound organizational skills. Routine is easy for you to cope with.



1 - Your mind operates brightly, you are witty and sharp, your ideas are innovative and can bring you success.
2 - You have outstanding memory abilities, and you can process and keep in mind a great amount of information.
3 - You are artistic and talented person. You are creative and bright.
4 - You pay attention to details and like to make detailed plans and lists. You are practical and punctilious.
5 - You are intelligent and inventive person. You can easily remember a lot of information.
6 - You are an artistic nature and have a sensitive soul. You can be a great scenarist and actor. Also you can make good doctor and teacher.
7 - You are thirsty for knowledge. If you keep on developing yourself, you have all chances to become a genius at least in one field of your interest.
8 - You can become very successful in business and entrepreneurship. You are ready for troubles on your way and your ambitions are absolutely valid.
9 - You want to achieve something great and inspiring. You are sensitive type of a person and sometimes you tend to dramatize things.
11 - People like you are rare to find: you are creative, original and it is just part of you, you don't want just to seem so. You are an exploratory by nature.
22 - You are wit and can admit the smallest details everyone else would omit. Also, you are good planner.

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