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Subconscious Self Number indicates the faith in yourself, your individual thought about your possibilities and capabilities, also it shows the way you react on stressful and extraordinary situations. It helps to understand how proper your reaction according to situation is and makes it clear how to answer on it in the right way.

In order to find out your Subconscious Self Number you need to take a closer look at your Karmic Lesson chart where you can have even all nine numbers available in your name. The minimum of numbers you can have is 3 and the maximum is 8. If you can't find number 5 or number 7, it means that may be some situation where the qualities provided by these numbers are needed (and they are absent) and it will be harder for you as you lack of skills to cope with it quickly.

Though, you have no number 5 or 7, you still have all the other numbers, so you obtain all the other skills needed to get through this situation. You believe in yourself and know that you are able to overcome the hardships, as the majority of numbers is on your side. The conclusion is that the more numbers you have in the name the more skills that can help you in the times of trouble you possess. The person that has all 8 numbers presented in the name can go through troubles mostly without efforts.

How to Find Your Subconscious Self number

In a strange way, a person having all 9 numbers presented doesn't need a help from people around and finds pleasure in dealing with problems independently.

The Subconscious Self shows your behavior models depending on the situation. It reflects the way you use your talents and how you face new possibilities and problems in your life. This indicator also points at the skills you possess, at those you definitely need to work on.

In order to find Subconscious Self Number you only need to count how many numbers are available in your name according to Karmic Lesson Chart.

We take the name Selena Marie Gomez as an example, 8 numbers are found in his name:

1,3,4,5,6, 7 and 8

So in Selena 's Case we can say that he has number 8 as a Subconscious Self.