Life Path / Expression Bridge Number

road, forestNot all the people understand who they are indeed. The Life Path / Expression bridge number helps to find connection between your perception of yourself and your real nature. Such knowledge gives people opportunity to find their way combining their real abilities and their expectations. There are numerous possibilities in life to choose and it is important to know what is better for you and what variant is right exactly for you. The Life Path/ Expression (Destiny) number is the source of knowledge about a person. The L/E Bridge Number shows you your inner world and helps to build the bridge from your dreams to your success. With its help you are able to find factors which hinder your aim achievement.

Life Path / Expression Bridge Number 0 - 5
Life Path / Expression Bridge Number 6 - 8

Heart's Desire Personality Bridge Number

woman, faceThe heart's desire / personality bridge number may be described with the following definition: a bridge, which connects your real nature with your impression on other people. Sometimes we think that people, who surround us, understand us and our behavior like we do. But, it is not like this. Numerology may help to find out the gap between these two truths. Other people may know who you really are. The second name of the heart's desire number is the soul urge number. The personality number has the second name as well. It is the inner dreams number. With the information about these numbers we are able to improve relationships with other people and understand each other better. Let's build bridges between two sides of sooth.

Heart's Desire Personality Bridge Number 0 - 5
Heart's Desire Personality Bridge Number 6 - 8