Transits are made from the letters of your names: first, middle and last. Each name stands for a certain level of your consciousness: physical, mental, spiritual accordingly. Your First Name provides the basis for the Physical Transit, middle name - the Mental Transit and last name - the Spiritual Transit. In case if a person has no middle name, last name bears responsibility for mental and spiritual transits. People who have few middle names should combine their middle names into a long last one.

For instance we can take Mike Connor's name. The first name - Mike will be taken to explore his physical transits. The letter M in Mike has a value of 4, and it means it's active for 4 years. The letter C in Connor follows that 3 year time span and has a numerological influence of 3, and it continues for 3 years. Each letter has a duration corresponding to its numerological value.

If you add the numerical value of the name Mike (of each letter in it), you will see that Mike's full numerological value equals 20, and continues for 20 years, at that time the name's influence will go through all the letters, then returns to M and starts the cycle again.

Middle name is used for the Mental Transit. Let's use the middle name William, having first letter W and numerological value 5 that lasts for 5 years. The next letter I has a value of 9, and accordingly lasts for 9 years. The letter L's numerological value is 3, lasting for 3 years. The total William middle name obtains a value of 34 and lasts for 34 years and then circulates again.

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