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Number 7 as an Expression number shows an analytic, pragmatic and intellectual person. You are direct and honest, so you demand it from people around. You can make a great judge or journalist. You are very attentive and curious that in combination with analytical skills makes you understand things profoundly. Though you see more, you never try to disturb others or violate their privacy.

Your curiosity and sense of justice let you seek for information that is important for everyone, especially if it is hidden. You always see more than others, so you are on one step ahead in every situation. If you are keen about something, you will become almost a professional in it, because you will start to read, to learn more and to investigate. You can be a teacher that changes lives of the students, as you are so inspirational and energetic that it is hardly to find someone better for guiding people.

You are a weirdo for some people just because they can only guess what you are thinking about. During your life you can be identified as friendly and positive person in harmony with yourself and the world. You care about your privacy and don't want strangers in your life.

This number has pleasant positive features. You like logical order in everything, so you always know where you can find anything at your house, the same is about the structure of your mind, as you have logical associations with things you need to remember. However, you can be too logical and rational that you protect yourself from emotions, even if you deprive yourself of something good.

If you have a lot of 7s in your chart it may be manifested through lack of trust to other people and emotional estrangement. Due to such aloofness you can be an introvert in the most negative meaning of this word, you may be alone as a result and feel lack of warm communication.

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