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Challenge Number 0: Zero as a challenge number doesn’t identify one special challenge that would be more important than others. Minor challenges are also hard to identify, but regardless of their type they are meant to guide you to find your strength. This number challenge speaks about your ability to become self-sufficient and independent and whole as a person.

Challenge Number 1: The challenge of number one is to stand for yourself and to be independent person. People with this number challenge are prone to compare themselves with other people and to depend strongly on another opinion. The main challenge is to be true to yourself and value your individuality.

Challenge Number 2: Number two challenge people are very easy to put out of balance as they are extremely touchy and sensitive. They think too much about the opinions of others. Their challenge includes coping with responsibilities, as they hate any sort of pressure and tend to hide or feel weak rather than to accept responsibility. If this number is manifested heavily, people are afraid of most of the serious decisions in life.

Challenge Number 3: People with challenge number 3 have problems with completing the things they’ve initiated. They are too excited about everything at once and nothing is finished and struggling doesn’t bring any results. They are too fast to give an answer and then often rethink or regret it, as their responses are faster than their rational thinking. They have hard times in being effective with what they do.

Challenge Number 4: This challenge is about having lack of strength and motivation for proper time-management. It is more about avoiding responsibility and resisting it. When you have this number it means that you have to be more organized, disciplined and productive in what you do.

Challenge Number 5: Number 5 challenge symbolizes hot-temper and irrational behavior. It is the number of independent and freedom-loving people, and its challenge is to contribute to the calmness, sound reasoning and discipline of this person.

Challenge Number 6: Number 6 challenge is extremely high expectations. They expect too much from themselves and from people around and do not even include a chance of failure. If it happens, they feel smashed with sorrow. Their main challenge is to become less critical, judgmental, and obstinate. They need to develop love and empathy to others.

Challenge Number 7: This number’s main challenges include limitation of emotions and trying to fit the strict norms and expectations of the society. People with this number usually have their own set of principles which cannot be doubted. They tend to think and analyze things too much. As a result they are limited, dissatisfied and pressured. They need to become more flexible and open.

Challenge Number 8: Number 8’s challenge is love to material things. They rely only on the material goods and status as the vector of their development. Money help them to add in self-sufficiency and self-appreciation. People like these can ruin their lives searching for illegal ways to multiply their finances. They need to find other sense of life and spiritual development.


man, steps, challengeFor Numerological knowledge, life is a great bunch of possibilities to change the weakness to strength, to develop and progress in skills. It is oriented on showing you how to make life better.

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