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Why do you need a Numerological Calculator?

It is a simple way to find something new about yourself, to look from the other point of view, to look deeper.

Celebrities report (Windows)

If we know our advantages and disadvantages we can correct our life consciously, making steps for improvement or changes. When we know the areas that need revision, we can easily analyze our actions and undertakings. Numerological Calculator is a nice helper, as it calculates all the data needed for numerological forecast. You don't need to sit and elaborately add numbers, having a chance to make a mechanic mistake. Some numerological manipulations are quite hard. The software will make everything for you. The only thing that you need is to learn the insight given and see whether the direction you've chosen is right for you. Professional numerologists often use this software to simplify their work and avoid human factor mistakes.

Just use the calculator once and the results will impress you!

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Graphic chart generator (Mac)

Are the numbers essential for our life?

Everything happens for a reason. There are no accidental things happening to us. Your every action is connected and linked with many other people, creating the state of things we have now. Any change and everything can change drastically.

Theory of combination in mathematics studies the possible combinations of numbers. Mathematical phenomena are wide spread even in nature. Sunflower while growing can produce such logarithmic patterns that all the florets make the gold angle with each other.

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Main Screen (Android)
Arithmetic spiral is a precise duplicate of the snail's shell. Everything that was made in nature is in some way related to numbers. One more example is the position of leaves and braches on the tree, the distance of which can be calculated according to Fibonacci numbers. Statistics is also one of the strongest proofs in any argument. Many things can be predicted with the help of numbers.

Numbers rule the natural laws; everything is precisely calculated and can be grounded on numbers. Every number you deal with during your lifetime occurs for a reason and has sense. Only your birth date says a lot - your inclinations, hobbies, character, and preferences. You see nothing special in your birthday that gives so much information, but it is a real database for a numerologist. This information can provide your possible development path.

It gives you an advantage among other people. Numerology gives the hints unique for you. A lot of people can't use the opportunity you have with the help of numerology. You can avoid the possible problems on your life path. Use the possibility to know more.

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Psycho-matrix (iPad)

What functions are available?

The Numerological Calculator is a program that helps you to have your individual numerological calculations done. It will make everything without mistakes and there are no efforts needed from you. You will have an opportunity to find the answers on questions about yourself every one of us asks. All that is provided by your birth date, name, and other information you obtain.

The Numerology Calculator helps you to:

  • To get reliable information about you and people close to you;
  • To make a psychomatrix and see your opportunities and possible disappointments in different spheres: career, health, social life, relationships etc;
  • To get the romantic compatibility chart that is calcliated by 20 different parameters;
  • Have the charts in printable format;
  • Compare your numerological chart with celebrities' charts;
  • Analyze the names you use;
  • Know the right and better name to give to your company etc;
  • Get the information about triple master numbers;
  • Learn the basics of Numerology as a science;
  • Get the help if something is unclear with numbers.

Numerological Calculator is used by most of numerology professionals in Europe and USA. Its usability is appreciated. Simplicity in use gives good results. You only need to input your birth date and full name then click "go", and it's done - you can read your report.

Give it a try!

Download the version for FREE and see yourself how easy everything is. You will be amazed by the validity of the results! The 21st century is a century of information; use the information about yourself to rule your destiny. Now it is easier with the Numerology Calculator.