Numerology and The letter ‘Y’

letter, YPay attention to your breath: the vowels should be pronounced at one free-flowing breath. Consonants (e.g. b, d, p, s, t, x) will have determined start and ending.

Consonants are different from vowels with its sharp ending and heavier sounding. The vowels show your softness and touchiness, affection and ability to care and to be hurt. Consonants show a lot of characteristics, but mainly they reveal how you can protect your emotions from possible hurt. Consonants also reflect your side which is seen to others, your image and reputation. It is the characteristic that was created by you, the picture of you that is demonstrated to the society.

From Numerological aspect, vowels include: a, e, i, o and u. All the other letters are considered to be consonants. However letter Y has a special status. The nature of the letter Y is inconstant itself, and sometimes it is a vowel and a consonant regarding its position in the name.

The main rule for determining whether the Y is a consonant or vowel is: if the Y sounds like vowel, it is a one, also if Y is the only vowel in the syllable – it is also a vowel. Names like Lynn, Mary, Betty, Lizzy.

If the Y doesn’t sound like a vowel and stands near another vowel, it would be considered as a consonant. The examples are Murray and Maloney, as their sound is determined by the \e:\. Basically Y would be a consonant every time there is another vowel in the syllable. If Y sounds like a mild J, it is also believed to be a consonant in cases like Yolanda or Yohanna.

Wyatt and Bryan have Y as a vowel, because it is the first vowel sound after the consonant in the syllable. Both names have letter A as a second syllable, so they don’t impact the letter Y in any way.

In our language some consonants depending on their location in the word can sound like vowels, though they are consonants e.g. ‘W’ in ‘warm’, in this word the ‘W’ sound doesn’t influence the vowels in any way, so logically it should be viewed as a vowel, but it is not a vowel. So, as you can see it can be pretty ambiguous.