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Everyone has a unique reaction on the situations happening to us during our lifetime. The way we react depends on the inner balance we have, the experience and character that we put into everything we make. Are we calm when something serious happens? Do we run away from the problems and hide our emotions hoping that it will just pass away? Do we struggle for our script of our life? Or maybe we are just passive observers and we take what the universe gives us? The strategies of your behavior can be guided by the balance number. Find your balance number and see the possible variants on how to get out of the tight corner.


Balance number 1

Number one suggests you to use the power of your mind and inborn creativity in order to get out of the stressful situations. During the times of trouble don't hesitate to ask people for help, no matter how self-consistent you are, most of us need to feel supported and cared about. Don't create the protective field around yourself, let the circle of closest people at least be with you.


Balance number 2

Your reaction is often very active, someway aggressive, learn how to subdue it. Display some diplomatic skills, learn how to cope with conflict by words. It is way harder than to dash all emotions at once, self-control and determination are your best team-mates. Use your sense of humor and maybe most of conflicts can be pruned down and finished before the start.


Balance number 3

Use your sense of humor and communicability to cope with the problem arising in your life. Try to change your attitude to it, and don't give way for stress to break you. Concentrate on the situation and manage your emotions. Exercise your oratorical skills. If you promise something during hard times, better fulfill it, or don't promise at all.


Balance number 4

This number is a sign that you need to work on managing your emotions. You are amenable to often outbursts of emotions that obstruct you. The condition of your emotional control corresponds to the way you control the whole situation. Analyze the situation and try to make it out with the help of negotiations and consensus. Don't let your feelings rule you. Keep track of details, so you are sure you know all the aspects. Search for justice, but be honest in return.


Balance number 5

When something stresses you out, you try to hide, because you can't pull yourself together. It is not the most favorable option for you. Being more active and determined will help you to get out of the tight corner and lessen the amount of the burden made of stresses and things you have to do. Try to avoid shelving things. If you don't want to do something, better just reject this request. Also try to do everything thoroughly so you don't need to redo it later.


Balance number 6

This is a sign that you are strong person and, unfortunately, there is a situation where your strength is needed. Don't be afraid to take responsibility, as you are the most suitable person for it. Try to limit the communication with people during hardships in your life, because they can make you sadder, or they can provoke justice-seeking ideas in you, and it will only make the problem felt bigger.


Balance number 7

You tend to run away from the stresses in your life. I wish we all could do so, but we have to face the problems, because they don't disappear. Try to be concentrated, no matter how hard you want to hide away, try to lead it till the end. Solve the problem as you can. If you refuse to struggle with hardships, they will get only more serious and damaging. Surround yourself with people that can support you, or at least that can help you to let your hair down.


Balance number 8

This number shows that you are the supporting person. You often help others to walk through the times of trouble. You can be a judge, as you always support valid decisions. However, never intrude into people's life, and provide help only when you're asked for it. In your times of trouble be honest and look for a creative approach.


Balance number 9

You are an inborn diplomat, as you always find the solutions that are fair and convenient for every party. You respect people and demand the same in return. Though, you are a good person, you lack of activeness, you are passive when it comes to problems. Don't let the time extricate these problems, do some actions first. You shouldn't be afraid of mistakes, they are temporary and passive attitude to them will only endure their influence on your life.