man, money, leader

Number 8 is usually a sing of people who are concerned about their material wellness. Number 8 can make a great business owner or entrepreneur as well as nice administrator or other leading position. You want to be in movement, to provide innovations and establish new tendencies. The reason for it is a financial success. You know value to your efforts, time and ideas. You are a person which authority is felt after the first meeting. You are a great chief and inspirational guider, especially if number 8 shows more positive features. The things that you do on the high level are promotion, providing innovation, introducing new technologies and presentation of your ideas. You are inborn leader and can create your own successful enterprise.

You can become not only successful business owner, but also have essential governmental and administrative positions. You have skills enough to establish and support your own entrepreneurship and the fortune is on your side.

You have financial instincts, and in your life you will get a financial reward. A lot of people can gain something, but you have capability to support it and not to lose everything in the commercial world.

A big deal o your fortune is about your skill to judge a character. Having number 8 means ability to understand people who are great to have common affairs with, and see people whom are better to avoid. You should be pragmatic and practical in your business decisions.

Despite the business success, you are the right person for leading governmental positions, as you are responsible and have a strong character. You love and respect money, and such attitude makes you qualified enough to know how it works and how to reach financial success. You understand different financial schemes and mechanisms. Also you are suitable for commercial world with your strong power of will and purposefulness.

You know what is good or bad for you just in the moment you see it, you are very keen. It gives you an advantage of choosing right people among those, who pass by you. You see person's true goals and intentions.

You are self-confident, but not self-assured. Sometimes you lack of pragmatic point of view, because you may be overemotional about something. Stubbornness is the main thing to avoid, try to look at everything on a larger scale, take into account other opinions, and you will get the fairest result.

If something goes wrong, you need to pull yourself together and never let emotions take over. When it comes to emotions, you'd better separate your business from your feelings, because both may be damaged. The keys to your success are determination and harmony.

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