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The first and main cycle that essentially impacts your life is the Personal Year Cycle number.

Every year is a part of a great mosaic in Numerology which is called an epicycle and consists of 9 years. Such cycles start from your birthday and evolve year by year, until the epicycle of 9 years is completed, then the new one starts.

The duration of each epicycle is from 1 Personal Year up to the 9 Personal Year. Each Epicycle has a particular mood and atmosphere with different amount of opportunities available and experience provided.

Each year obtains certain characteristics attached to its number. For example Year 1 will be full of characteristics provided by Number 1, Year 2 accordingly to Number 2 and so on. Furthermore, each year is influenced by shorter cycles that happen during the period of a particular year, such as: Transits, Essence numbers and other cycles of longer periods. Generally, the most tangible influences are Personal Year and Essence numbers influences.

A Personal Year is like a brick that constructs the wall of your development through life. Your growth and progress can be found in a 9 year stages. Each epicycle symbolizes the finish line of the one period and the start of another period in your life. Each period is different with its tempo and progress, as you can see by the 9 stages presented below:

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