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Number 4 as an Expression number shows that your life is oriented on the career, leadership, sense of order and justice. Through the years you will become more pragmatic, realistic, skilled in your professional area and detail-oriented. You are a perfectionist in some way, and it will be reflected on your work so everything is done brilliantly or never done.

You have a lot of future possibilities to succeed in spheres of exact sciences if you are keen on details. You can make a nice teacher, but also in spheres of crafts and exact sciences, because you are easygoing and ready to share the knowledge you are master at. Even if you are an artistic nature, your art is technologically oriented or well and precisely thought. Try yourself in interior design and planning, in landscape design, graphic design and architecture. By the way, many skillful surgeons have number 4 as an Expression number. You can easily work at any field where arrangement, calculation, management and precise estimation are needed.

People with number 4 are usually very initiative, especially if number 2 comes from master number 22. They are skillful entrepreneurs and love to make their job done on the highest level. They also love to hear compliments regarding their professional achievements, because it compliments not the beauty that is given naturally, but the achievements that are gotten by efforts.

It is hard to be your friend, because you search for the best in people and demand best from yourself. Such high standards are rare nowadays. You are very principled and critically estimate information that comes from other people. You can make friends with people of high moral standards and witty disposition.

The negative feature related to this number is the desire to manage and control that touches on intruding into others' privacy. This is especially manifested if number 4 is repeated in your chart. Try to broaden your outlook and adhere to people around, taking into account their views and beliefs, don't be so stubborn and it will influence you life positively. In general the notion of social limits seems useless for you, so sometimes your actions are a bit weird for people around.

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