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This category in Numerology lets you know you way of thinking. It can be necessary while making an important career step in your life or searching for hobby that suits your personal preferences. All the parameters should be taken into account. Can you say about yourself that you are a dreamer, or a pragmatist, or a realist or that you can be infantile? If you can't answer this question the Rational Thought number can help you and provide you with additional information based on the numbers.

This aspect is very important, but you need to remember that Rational Thought number can help you or clear everything out only if the problems you have are not based on the emotional constituent. Your way of thinking and the way you percept and analyze the reality are the things shown by this indicator.

Numerology can be easy, if you have learned and read a lot, and the information provided can fully describe the aspect to which this information refers. All the categories of numerology - Life Path, Expression, Heart's Desire, Rational Thought numbers etc should be read in complex, they are the fragments that show full picture.

Rational Though Core Numbers


Number 1

You have your own point of view regarding everything. You are interested and intelligent person. Your type of thinking is analytical and it is really hard to impact on you if you don't believe in it. You are well-concentrated and determined. Sometimes you are a bit obstinate, while proving yourself right. Sometimes you concentrate so much that you neglect all the ideas and sings around you, and after the finishing of a project you see how many analogues you've missed. You brilliantly manifest yourself in the stressful situation, you are solid and know what you want, so your position is steadfast.


Number 2

You are communicative and mild. Sometimes people use it in their own purposes, as you are quite easy to influence. You always give a reaction, a feedback, that's why people love to speak to you. You are not that decisive person. You are active but if you have too many options, you scatter on many things neglecting the needed one. However, you are good in organization and always can keep up the warm atmosphere in the company, avoiding clashes. You need to become more concentrated and orient your actions on your own well-being, don't let other people "parasite" on your kindness. Your intuitive intellectual level helps you to adjust to the situation and to display yourself from the better side.


Number 3

No one knows for sure what's on your mind, as you are very creative and have an extraordinary way of thinking. However, most of people call such type of mind illogical, but it isn't true. You have the solid logic in your thoughts while planning, everything has a reason, but it is individual and not everyone is able to understand it. A lot of prominent people, the representatives of the humanity had the number 3 as a rational thought one. Maybe society thinks that logic is not the strongest part of you, but you can always create the idea that drops the jaws of everyone there.


Number 4

You obtain balanced and well-structured type of mind. You always think about the future and take into account possible consequences. You hate when the things go out of plan. Your best feature is that you know when to stop, you know the border in negotiations, you are tactful and people speak freely to you. You like use-proved things and when new project occurs, you are really suspicious about it. If you are the part of the project or a team it is a sign of stability and durability, as you will do your best to avoid conflicts and distractions. Get ready that people will always seek for your advice, as you seem very smart and rightful person.


Number 5

You are an honest person, but not everybody acts as you do. When you see something, you say something in return. Sometimes it is hard to communicate with the person which critical opinion appears all the time, being so direct and honest that it can make problems to you. You need to learn the border of when and what to say.

Hard situations, interesting and difficult projects are the things that you love. In such atmosphere you can fulfill and manifest yourself. You can find extraordinary approach to the trivial situation, and you act dynamically and confidently in stressful situations. No matter what happens, you will try to adjust and make profit out of it.


Number 6

You are very attentive and you always keep a track of everything that happens around you. You see the smallest changes in your working or domestic environment, and you are always here to help. Sometimes you are too detail-oriented that the problem seems bigger, but really you just miss the whole picture being too concentrated on the details.

You easily give the mark to person's actions. You tend to protect people in need, as you have a sharp sense of injustice, especially in the society. You are ready to provide a handy help and a piece of advice, and your help will be sincere. Take a closer look at the socially-oriented career, you will bring profit and fully realize yourself.


Number 7

You are an investigator by nature. You tend to doubt in most of information until you are sure that it is right, or until you experience it yourself. If you are sure about something , you act spontaneously, dynamically. You rarely find someone who is ready to argue with you, as you are often right. If you are not right, you aren't afraid to lose, you will find more information regarding this question and you will be absolutely adequate in it.

You have an analytical state of mind and your conclusions or ideas are often interesting and precisely thought-out. You are irritated when someone makes the work not as he or she should make it. You prefer everything to be normally done from the first time.


Number 8

You are very creative, your mind work is hardly understandable by the people around. You always see more while working on the ideas and projects. You have the power to inspire people. You are easily irritated if people can't fit into your rhythm, but things you do can be breathtaking. You successfully combine logic and chaos in your sphere. Your gift is to see more from the first sight, it gives you an advantage.


Number 9

You are determined and thoughtful. Your analytical skills are on the good level and you often admit even the smallest mistakes people make, but you never behave yourself arrogantly, you can give a hint on the mistake and it will be friendly and won't make the tense between you. Your talent is in finding an answer by rejecting invalid options.

Rational Thought Master Numbers


Number 11

You can not be understood by human logic. You have it in your own way, and you are creative and interesting. However, your type of thinking is usually poorly understood by the world around. Don't worry, you can be a perfect leader or an inspirational guide, you can help and motivate people. Your intuition amazes, your feelings are on the advanced level, so use it.


Number 22

You have combined type of thinking, it is creative and pragmatic, and in order to use it with profit you need to work on your schedule. Self-discipline and regulation will help you manage your life in a more organized way and your mind will be free from instant hurry on what to do next.

You know what you want to achieve and work on that way. Your ability to think about many things at one time and keep track of every thought is amazing. Such combination is quite rare, and people like you instinctively feel what to do. This rational thought number can be derived only from 11 master number of name and 11 or 29 birth day.