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When the epicycle begins we can be impacted by another two cycles: 9-month and 9-day ones. Of course we can't experience it as clearly as annual cycles. These two cycles are made as well as year-cycles from 1 to 9, having an effect in the same sphere as year cycles, but they are less expanded.

If you want to find out your personal month number, sum the reduced moth digit and your personal year number, e.g. your personal year number is 9 and February is the month, you need to add year digit 9 to the month number 2 (corresponds to February). The sum is 11, and then you reduce it. So, February has a number 1+1 = 2, for an individual with year number 9.

In order to find a day number: add a number of the day to the personal month number, in case of need - reduce the number.

Meaning of the Personal Month Number

  • Month/day 1 is great for beginnings, for planting of seeds, having a baby and for energy accumulation;
  • Month/day 2 is a time for feelings, for your emotional side to come undone and for new contacts;
  • Month/day 3 is perfect for creativity, interest and hobbies;
  • Month/day 4 is suitable for hard work, determination and chances;
  • Month/day 5 period good for journeys, unexpected events and for independent choices;
  • Month/day 6 is a time for domestic duties, family relations, and responsibility;
  • Month/day 7 is a period for deep thoughts, self-search and reasoning;
  • Month/day 8 is a period of rewards, appraisals, and getting what you deserve;
  • Month/day 9 is a time of summary, results and reforms.

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