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Expression number is one of the basic numerological categories. It is fully derived from the name obtained by the person at birth. Sometimes it is really a problem to understand what name to use for numerological calculation because people have middle names, nicknames, they change their names and take pseudonyms. So let's make out this issue.

To cut the long story short you need to have your birthday certificate and know the opinion of your parents. It is possible that the spelling error occurred when you've been registered and here we have two possible outcomes: first - the document is corrected and your parents don't want you to grow with a name error, so for numerological calculations you use corrected name, as it was fancied by your parents. The first option is that your parents don't mind an error and you have to keep such name- so the calculations are made according to the name in your document.

Speaking about the issues with adoption, the first name given you after birth is considered to be right for numerological calculations. All the changes by your new parents can not be included. If you don't have your birth certificate and don't remember the name you were supposed to have, hardly this indicator will show something true for you. You may try your name that you have most of your life.

What does it show?

Expression number shows the way you should express yourself in your life, your strivings, your career tendencies, and helps you to build up the picture of who you want to be and develop yourself. It defines the aim and mission of your life.

Expression number can show you how to achieve that goal moving forward day by day, but don't expect everything to happen suddenly.

Also this indicator shows your talents and negative sides of your character, so you can work on the improvement of yourself. You will be able to see the talents you probably have and try yourself in something new and even succeed in it. All this information comes from the numbers encrypted in your name.

Expression number is mostly oriented on the opening of the treasures of your mind and showing you the wide range of possibilities every one of us has. It is one of the most important categories in numerology as well as a Life Path Number, together these indicators can show quite full image of your personality, skills, beliefs, likes and dislikes. It is aimed to help you look deeper inside and be more open to the world.

Expression number has an aspect that considers the karmic law and belief in reincarnation. The idea is that the vibrations from your complete name have a print of the experiences from your previous life and it also influences on your life now. Everything you knew before, everything you've been doing and studying played its role in establishing you as a person you are today. It is your right to believe in it or not.

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