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Personality number shows the way other people see you at first, the essence of your image. This number provides information on who you want to seem, the level of your confidence in communicating with others, how far can you go in your relationships and how open you are. Personality number is developed by analyzing the consonants from your full name given to you at birth. In order to find this number add all the numbers assigned to the consonants from your full name (first name, last name, middle one if present), and reduce the result to the one-digit number.

It shows your way of thinking, how the information given is processed in your mind, your thoughts and ideas, and what is important how everything is reflected on the surrounding world. It shows how ready are you to truly open your soul to the person right beside you. It displays an aspect of your maturity. Personality number shows the barriers in your mind, your stereotypes and prejudices that may prevent you from providing information about yourself to the world in the right way.