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Number 5 is a sign of activeness, desire to change and to be always in the center of events, creativity and independence. Those who have number 5 as their Expression number are really lucky, as they pass through many lucky possibilities in their life. To extract the best features of your number you will have to learn to set priorities, to concentrate on needed things and to use your time in a right way. You will have a freedom of choice, and when time comes you need to make a proper one. You will have to become flexible and fit into different situations.

Through years you will learn how to use your charisma with profit, in other words you will be able to manipulate people, to make them adhere to your position. It is especially useful if you chose a profession where you need to persuade people to buy something. You are intellectual and think and react quickly regardless of situation.

Hold on for innovations, you will have a lot of possibilities if you attentively follow trends and react on them. You need to catch the right wave and you will become successful and will be able to express yourself fully. It is natural for you to be curious and innovative. You are always surrounded by people, because you are a great listener and you can easily imagine yourself in someone's shoes, it is your kind of intuition.

This number is great for many career choices, as you are intelligent and easy to teach. Look closer to work directly with people, because you know how to cooperate and persuade them. Advertising, radio and television, journalism, psychotherapist, and business management are the fields where you have a lot of chances to succeed. You are a competitor, you need new emotions and new goals quite often, so it is normal for you to change working places.

If 5s appear frequently in your chart some negative features of number 5 may be present. You are very changing person. A lot depends on your mood, so you need to learn to cool your temper sometimes. Also you tend to scatter on so many things at one time that you rarely finish something. It may be useful for you to become more disciplined if you want to reach particular goal. Try to avoid prejudices and superficial thinking.

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