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Some people have numbers in their names that occur more than once, and even oftener. Such numbers are associated with certain strength or abilities. If you have such number it embodies the favorable characteristic, talent or skill that you obtain.

This number shows your main skill that due to right and regular development can make you successful and happy in what you do. It is a concentrated desire to express yourself, your feedback to the world. Having this number means that your talent seeks for implementation, and realizing yourself you will be truly happy, as you live according to your inclinations. This is how your Hidden Passion Number influences your life.

How to find your Hidden Passion number

Hidden Passion chart is in form of a square that has 9 smaller squares. Every square has a number from 1 (top left corner) to 9 (right from the bottom) representing the number that occurs often in your name. The number that shows how many times certain number is repeated in your name is situated in the top of every square. Hidden Passion number is the one that appears quite often in your name, and you can have few of such numbers. If few numbers are repeated in your name it means you have multiple Hidden Passion Number.


Number 1

This person is decisive, obtains leader skills and advanced oratorical skills. People like this are great sportsmen and diplomats. You are purposeful and durable with a great confidence in what you do and desire to make it perfect. You like to be first in everything; you're an explorer and easily take part in contests of different kind. People around feel your core and adhere to your opinion. You influence people in different way, so you can even be manipulative, depending on what you want to achieve.

Number one stands for lack of confidence, especially during youth, but your potential is great and you can change anything if you only want it.


Number 2

You are very instinctive and sensitive, your presentiments usually come true. You are a social mediator, you can solve different problems and calm everyone down. As you are non-conflicting, you always try to avoid or to damp down the possible conflict at the beginning, and this quality of yours is really valuable. In some cases you may be too shy, and it is rather your shortcoming, because it causes diffidence.

Your positive characteristic is your natural curiosity. You tend to start something being curious about it, and to end as a professional or a skillful person. Your assiduity and perseverance are your key characteristics. People feel that you are reliable so you can successfully get high positions in administration.

You are very cautious with details and always spend too much time on little things, but you should think globally, make confident moves and value your time. Also you tend to pay too much attention to words people say, better care less, as people often say only to say something.


Number 3

You are very sociable and like to spend time in a friendly circle. As soon as you get used to the company you are in, the weirdest part of you comes into focus and your friends are amazed by the person you are, as you charge everyone with energy and your positive attitude.

You are in a rush for emotion, if you feel like something makes you bored you move forward, and it concerns people. You always need someone new, an "audience". You have a zest and strong character that acts like a magnet. Being who you are you can easily serve as a motivator for others. However, you lack of concentration on something one. So many things around are waiting and you can't stand still, but in order to achieve something essential you need to be less diffused and more concentrated. In personal relationships you often lack of constancy.


Number 4

You like to keep things in order, everything has its place in your house. You are concentrated and have a strong power of will if needed. If you set a goal you know each step of how to reach it. You are very authoritative among the closest people, as they can always rely on you. You are also a good citizen, caring about political situation in a country. The job you do should be the one you love, so you will express yourself fully and get solid income. If something happens, you are always ready, because you are able to think few steps ahead. You have clear estimation of everything, and your mind tends to be analytical.


Number 5

It is a person that loves to explore, who is curious about the world and new possibilities it provides. You are suitable almost for everything, as your intellect lets you adapt to any job or situation. You have a talent in verbal expression and oratorical skills. The areas connected with mass media may be especially good for you.

You like to get everything from the life, and it may be a negative thing, because you can't stop yourself, so you are really endangered to excessive use of alcohol, drugs, food, sex, computer games etc. It is common for people who have 5 and higher numbers.

People love to stay in your company because you can always support the discussion and make witty jokes. However, intimate relationships are hard for you, because you are easily distracted for something new and better, as a result having problems with creating durable relationships.


Number 6

You are concerned about people around and your place in this life. You are a sociable person; even more: society needs you, because you have skills for becoming social worker, doctor, lawyer. You can be a nice parent, as you are caring and ready to listen, and you are able to raise individuality in a person. People tend to rely on you, but sometimes they may manipulate or use you as a stepping stone, so pay attention to your surroundings and respect yourself.

Nice thing about you is that you have your own independent opinion regarding every situation, and you think clearly and fair. However, in some cases you may seem overly critical to those who are around, so try to give advices and your opinion when someone asks for it, and people will listen for your opinion.


Number 7

You have a critical state of mind and developed instinctive feeling. You are sort of a philosopher, you like to deliberate on and understand the things around you. You are full of different concepts and ideas regarding many things, because your outlook is wide. However, you often tend to overly criticize things you can't understand. Your thoughts are interesting and extraordinary and seem strange to people who think superficially.

You hate when something is half-done, you need everything to be arranged and organized. If you face the problem, you can sort it out in an unusual way, and it will seem normal to you. As soon as people get to know you better, they don't want to stop communication with you. Number 7 is often associated with solitude, as people with your mind type are quite rare to meet, and it is hard to find someone who understands and takes you for who you are. You are smart and interesting, but there will be times when you need to learn to live on your own.

You are very emotional, though the brightest part of emotions is hidden inside, and your facial expression can rarely reflect the spectrum of what you really feel.


Number 8

You are seeking for material comfort and success. You are hard-working and truly believe that you get what you work for. You are the source of inspiration for people around, as you know what you want from life and how to achieve it. You are good in financial and business affairs. You are a great leader and guide for your subordinates. Remember that to be a good leader you shouldn't be dominant, but motivational.

Number 8 is distinctive with its intuition and ability to see people through, but be careful and don't label people. Try to develop kindness and sympathy to others. As you know the intentions of the person only after having a small talk, try not to flaunt this ability and think over before saying. Due to your character you may have some problems with neural system so please keep calm and avoid nervousness because of trivia. Also you will have to put priorities in your life and spend more time where you like it at work, or at home.

Your great problem when you reach success may be boasting. You need everyone to know how good you are, you need close people to be proud of you. Sometimes the world around can know less and still be inspired by you.


Number 9

You are a social person, you are empathic and understanding to people around. Your mission in life is to help people, and you will feel satisfaction out of it. The need to be useful and needed is very sharp for you. Creativity is your sphere, you are talented and investigative. Your talents will be fully expressed in your middle or old age. You are curious and readily find out something new. You are the person that knows many random interesting facts.

Though you are sensitive, you have problems with expressing your emotions, as you don't know for sure how to express what you feel. You may often hear that you are illogical or irrational, but you are still successful because your ways of getting things done slightly differ from what everyone is used to. Your best characteristic is the belief in yourself, and in your strategy. Keep such inner independency.