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Number 2 as an Expression number shows that sociability and interrelationships will play major role in your life. The letters of your name create a combination that in refers to the person who is able to understand people deeply and comfort them in times of trouble. You can make a great psychotherapist, peacemaker or diplomatic worker. Through the years, you can find yourself to be skillful in eloquence and especially delicate when it comes to interrelationships.

Number 2 that also corresponds to master number 11 (2) is a very strong number. People under such number are inspirational and easily encourage others on important decisions. The inner power you have makes you a gifted tutor, philosopher, consultant, social activist, diplomat, and worker in any rescue center. No matter what career path you choose, you are skillful professional that inspires people around. You are very sensitive to the surrounding world and it reflects on your intuition: it is well-developed.

You are a good team player, but bad lone player. Working in a team you guide others and express yourself this way and it is a reason of your success. Boost your self-confidence in order to become more independent from social opinion, and feel more secure by yourself.

Injustice is often in our world, and a lot of people will be rewarded for your ideas and input, but don't worry, you express yourself in team, so just do what you do best. Your principles and ideas are more important than social appraisal.

After you've become more confident, people will be magnetized by your change, so take your chance to establish your life the way you want it. You have mature set of principles to which you adhere, and it is great, because principal people are solid in their beliefs and confident in their mind and skills.

However, the other side of number 2 is oversensitivity. That is why you need to boost your confidence, so you are more protected from social triggers that can hurt your delicate soul. It is normal to be sensitive, but in our world some protection mechanisms are needed. If you have many 2's in your chart it may cause you to be lazy and apathetic to the world around.

In some cases, number 2 (especially derived from master number 11) suffer from uneasiness and overemotional reactions. Try to keep balance in everything you do. You are a dreamer, and you often prefer dreams to grey realities. Be careful and try to make decisions with a clear mind and precise wants from life.

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