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Sometimes it is called a Sour Urge number. This is one of the most interesting categories in Numerology, as Soul Urge number shows everything that is hidden, our inclinations, secrets, preferences, ideas and dispositions. This indicator is quite important and you can often see it close to Life Path number or Expression number. You rarely share the secrets this number keeps with people around you, it is your soul's essence.

Every category of Numerological science has its own mission statement. The mission of Heart's Desire number is to show you the sides of your soul that are very touchy, tense, and hidden by your self-image. It is your sensual potential. Also this number presents our concealed motives and thoughts, the disappointments that broke our heart and the emotions that are only ours, as we are unable to express them in words. You shouldn't neglect this category; it reveals things which you don't want to recognize.

Heart's Desire number is made out of the vowels in your name. Personality number was derived from the consonants, and consonant is something firm, solid like a shell, and Personality number shows how other people accept us, our "shell". Heart's Desire number being made of vowels is connected with something soft, with the most delicate emotions and senses we have. It displays the love, care, and sensitivity you possess. It shows the real you - without cover of formalities, socially determined behavior, self-restrain. It shows you as a bare wire.

Western alphabet has only 5 vowels: "a", "o", "e", "I", "o", and "u". In some practical cases the letter "y" sounds like a vowel, and everything else consists from consonants. If you are confused in what cases the letter "y" can be a vowel there is one rule for you: if it sounds like a vowel, so it is a vowel. Here dominates the phonetic approach. If you see that letter "y" stays right to another vowel, but still doesn't produce obvious sound of a vowel, so it is not of this type. Usually, letter "y" is a vowel when it is the only one in the syllable, by the way like in the word "syllable" - letter "y" sounds like [i]. For example in the name Ceejay letter "y" sounds as a consonant, but in case with Aubrey letter "y" sounds like a vowel.

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