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A lot of people use a shorter version of their full names daily. It also has a reflection in numerology - the Minor Expressing number. It is not as valuable as a Life Path Number or Expression number, but often some new letters are available in your shorter name, that may show a wider picture of your personality. Remember that for Numerology everything makes sense, and there are no coincidences, so short name should also be calculated and analyzed. But before changing name by the reason that is not that urgent better think twice. If you had a prominent ancestor or a person with the lucky fate in your family it is better to select this name. This name has already been encrypted in your generation before your birth, and you won't bring major differences (positive and negative) into your life. The second reason is that such name would be quite natural for you and you will hardly feel negative influence if it is present. But it is a matter of choice.

The number that the full name lacks can be present in the short name and it will change the description of you in a major way. If you change name due to marriage or to personal reasons you can also calculate this name for additional information, as it also influences your life at its certain period. It can surface the skills and inclinations of you that were concealed before or you will accidentally find out that you can be really good at something new.

Short names can also be different and you may have few of them. In such situation use the name:

a) you feel the closest to you;

b) most frequently used in society or among friends.

But generally, the short name may be made from your last name and it is the name that you prefer and feel comfortable with. Some of us had short names in the past, it also can be a useful experience, as this short name reveals the person you used to be then, and you can compare yourself to your past self. If you have middle initial it is better not to use it in numerological calculations. You may use it if you really introduce yourself to everyone that way and people associate your image with it, like in case of Samuel L. Jackson. The whole world knows his name in such combination.

In order to find your Minor Expression number, add the numbers from your name, last name (middle name if you have one) and short version of your name.

Expression Number 1 Expression Number 2
Expression Number 3 Expression Number 4
Expression Number 5 Expression Number 6
Expression Number 7 Expression Number 8
Expression Number 9 Expression Numbers
Planes of expression -
Mental and Physical
Planes of expression -
Emotional and Intuitive

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