family, parents, heart

Expression number 6 is usually associated with family values, kindness, love, responsibility and openheartedness. Through the years you will be experienced in communication with people. You will be especially concerned about those, who weren't lucky enough in this life. You will be skilled in problem-solving and ready o give an advice to anyone who needs it. It is in your nature to work with and help people.

You can make a great parent. You are caring, loving and soft person, though you have strong character and you are hard to stop when you've planned something. You are empathetic and nice to talk to. You are honest, but not rude, such type of harmony is rare. You love comfort and you feel comfortable only at home, where you are relaxed and surrounded by close people. It is obvious that you are a nice friend, you accept people for who they are without judging.

Number 6 is often a sign for wealth. You are artistic person and need some artistic expression, but your career path would probably be connected with another sphere. You can express yourself best by communicating and helping others. It is your mission in life, because you care, because it is important to be less selfish in our world. Number 6 are great teachers, psychologists, doctors, firefighters, social workers, and consultants. Such people are interested in design and decoration, because they like to be surrounded by beauty.

Some negative features are also present in number 6, especially if there are a lot of repeated 6s in the chart. Sometimes people with number 6 care too much so that they are annoying or disturbing others. In other cases such people are obsessed with control, so everything is perfect. They often forget that the notion of "perfection" is different for people. You need to learn to accept criticism with dignity, without lowering your self-esteem because of someone's opinion.

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