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For Numerological knowledge, life is a great bunch of possibilities to change the weakness to strength, to develop and progress in skills. It is oriented on showing you how to make life better.

In order to feel in the right place and in the right time we need to make continuous progresses, "updating" ourselves. During our life 4 main challenges can be emphasized. However, the vast majority has the same repeatable challenge, and others have 4 different during a lifetime.

Each challenge should be perceived mainly as a lesson that can teach you something useful. You will face different challenges that will demand certain skills provided by Challenge numbers. We'll tell about it below.

Challenges are random periods in your life when you need to overcome obstacles of different kind to succeed and be more experienced in a result. You will need to go through 4 challenges that will strike in different time. Main Challenge (or Third Challenge) lasts from birth to death. Unlike the Pinnacle cycles, challenges are not bound to a certain years of your life. All your challenges are prepared for you from the day of your birth and they're composedly waiting for the time to be revealed. Most people overcome the challenges fully, but some make it at least a little bit.

The first challenge lasts from your first day to the middle 30s. The second challenge runs your life from the end of the first till 55-60. The Third Challenge is your main challenge, and you are experiencing it through the lifetime. The next two challenges start approximately at middle 60s.


The first culmination of the cycle lasts from birth until about the age of 36, minus your life-determining number. Each of the following two climactic cycles continues for 9 years. The fourth and the last, culminating cycle continues until your death.

Challenge numbers are based on your date of birth.

1st Challenge number is the difference between the month and day of birth

2nd Challenge number is the difference between day of birth and year of birth

3rd Challenge number is the difference between 1st and 2nd Challenge numbers

4th Challenge number is the difference between month and year of birth

The Meaning of Challenge Numbers

baby, parashuteChallenge Number 0: Zero as a challenge number doesn’t identify one special challenge that would be more important than others. Minor challenges are also hard to identify, but regardless of their type they are meant to guide you to find your strength. This number challenge speaks about your ability to become self-sufficient and independent and whole as a person.

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