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Weak: Your name indicates that the feelings and emotions you have are not of the highest importance to your makeup. It doesn't mean that you are cold-hearted or have no feelings, but it means that you have some problems with expressing your feelings the right way. The difficulty in expressing feeling to the outer world can develop into the difficulty of understanding your feelings inside you, the feeling of uncertainty may always surround you. The emotions you have are not expressed in a proper way for you, so others may interpret it as being an unsentimental person.

Average: You have an inner emotional balance. You don't feel difficulties while expressing your feelings, but you never say more than you feel, you never cross the line of harmony. You can easily and healthy communicate with others. You are original and creative person. Balanced level of emotionality provides you with ability to show your strongest parts properly and to influence people around.

Strong: The emotional part is very powerful in your makeup. You are often controlled by your emotions, and in the battle emotions vs. mind emotions are likely to win. Sometimes you are too dreamy and it is hard to reach you. Your creativity is profound and the sources of your inspiration are very important. You are sensitive, touchy and empathetic and it makes you a great friend and sensual lover. Your emotions are sincere and direct.

Intuitive or SPIRITUAL:

Weak: The sixth sense and spiritual interest are not of the highest importance for you, as it can be said from your name. The sensual and intuitive side is not as important as practical things to do for today. You rarely think about developing of your inner self.

Average: When you encounter the things that are higher than your understanding of the world you always adhere to what your inner feel tells you. You can easily contemplate about the religion, philosophy, inner development, and other meditative sciences.

Strong: The intuitional plane of yours is balanced and bold in your makeup. Inner development and spiritual sense are very important for you in everyday life. Sometimes you listen to the voice inside of you and let this feeling show you the right direction. You have healthy judgment and positive attitude regarding humankind.

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Meaning of the Emotional and Intuitive Planes of expression
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By information from LiveScience, novadays you can even measure your Intuition!