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A lot of people nowadays are generally informed about karma, but the deep knowledge and information about karmic concept are lost from mass mind. From Sanskrit the word "karma" means action, and this notion nowadays is transformed into meaning "the result of the action". The conception of Karma came from the ancient times of Indian culture and is popular up to nowadays.

The main idea of karma is that you get what you deserve by your actions and experience from your life. If you make good choices and do nice things to people around you, you will be paid back with something good, and the same way with bad things. It is the well-known part of karma concept.

The thing that got lost from mass mind is that karma law concerns with reincarnation. If you didn't get what you deserve in this life, you will get it back in the next life, regardless of good or bad payback you are to obtain.

In karmic rule you can carry the sin from the former life into a new one, and it can be seen in the birth chart. Astrologist can predict the karmic burden by the planets' position. In Numerology, Karmic Debt number is an indicator that shows the bad things we bring into a new life from the previous one.

This Debt can be called an unlearned lesson. To correct the situation, according to karmic rule, you have to take a drag in this life. Some people think this to be sort of punishment, but it works another way. It is more a learning from your previous mistakes. The process of learning always brings something new, so it is not going to be absolutely bad experience.

The thing that really matters is that correction of your previous mistakes will bring more happiness, success, wellbeing and other favorable factors to your future lives. The first thing to do is to find out with the help of Numerology the amount and character of your debts, using name or a birth date. Then you will be ready to take particular steps to erase the negative debt factors and create positive.

In numerology Karmic Debt numbers are - 13, 14, 16 and 19


Numbers that determine the Karmic Debt are 13, 14, 16, and 19. The birth chart contains special numbers that differently influence your life, such as: Life Path Number, Birth Date and Expression numbers.

13 Karmic Debt can often feel disappointment, and will have to become a workaholic in order to achieve something. It is probably because previous life was full of laziness, dominating over others, and bad decisions through life.

14 Karmic Debt is a legacy from the times of conflicts, wars, slavery and disappointments. People, who have this number in their chart, need to be ready to unexpected challenges the life brings, instant changing of scenery. There is a great possibility of becoming addictive to drugs and alcohol. Also there is a probability of excessive affection to food and sex.

16 Karmic Debt symbolizes the start of something new and ruining of the old things. The 16 means cleaning of inner self. No more egoism, hypocrisy and petulance. All the things created by the person that spoil the soul and distract from mission will be destructed. 16 number helps to reunite the soul with the Great Spirit. 

19 Karmic Debt needs to become self-sufficient, and learn to be strong. You will have to learn how to cope with different problems, how to get rid of needless and do it alone. The troubles faced will have to be got over by individual striving.