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The definition of Intensity is the focusing of power. All people have a name created from different letter combination from A to Z, and each letter has a number attached to it. Some letters can be found more often like "R", "A", "E", "I". These letters are the source of critical qualities which are needed to find the harmony in behavior. Sometimes there are more numbers in a particular name than usual, and it makes a specific case with a great focusing of a certain power, and this power needs to be expressed somehow.

The process of turning letters into numbers can be compared with the insight that you get step by step. The letters in your name that happen more than several times are the basis for your Numerology Intensity Number. It is the skills you obtain, the gift you can give and the track that leads you to exciting life full of events. Here you can find out how it works and pay attention to the chart below in order to find your Intensity Number (-s) in your name, as you may have several. Due to the fact that we live not in the one-dimensional world, the effect of Intensity Number may vary in respect to each case.

Intensity 1

You are 100% sure of who you are, who you want to be, you know that you will definitely succeed. Your aim is to develop yourself more ad more, and to get what you want by any means, you are a great leader. Your enthusiasm is hard to beat.

Intensity 2

As the number presumes, you are a lovable person, and you can be a great partner, as you have a lot of things to share in the relationships. You are sensual, touchy and have well-developed intuition. You are an aesthetic and creative person. Think about opening your own art-oriented or inspirational business.

Intensity 3

You can motivate and inspire those, who are beside you, you can even become a brilliant coach. You have a talent to entertain people, you do it in your own special way. Art, music, literature are the best fields of your work. The stage is the place where you should be.

Intensity 4

You are a perfectionist a little bit: you like it organized. The things around you have their place and practical usability. Also, you admire wild and great nature, it astounds you. You can make an excellent ‘King\Queen of Order'.

Intensity 5

You are a family person, you like the freedom of life and can be surprisingly good in projects with short terms, you are even more skilful if your work has to do with foreign journeys. Your sense of humor and intelligence make you a great author, or a problem-solver with good sense of humor.

Intensity 6

You are loyal to your beliefs and ideas, you are sociable and "community" person, and some people may use your willingness to help. You can speak to people and listen to them, and it makes you a great in psychology, in education, or in administration.

Intensity 7

You are smart and pragmatic, you believe only in facts and the things you see. You have a discerning mind, which makes you a specialist in many spheres. Also you really care about those close to you. Try yourself in engineering and other Exact Sciences.

Intensity 8

You are an enthusiastic and purposeful person. You can imagine the result, before the start. You work well, and you like to be praised for the work done well. You can make a great coach, designer or make-over expert.

Intensity 9

You are talented and inclined to artistic activity; you want to have active and exciting lifestyle. You are very purposeful and want to be independent in all senses. You are motivated enough to be whomever you want.