Personal Month & Day Number 9

During this period you will feel out of place and in discomfort. Also, you can experience frustration and bad mood and have no ability to explain the reason of such condition. It is a very sensitive period for you. People around will feel the same which creates negative atmosphere. It is in your best interest to avoid clashes and misunderstanding. Don’t forget that in times of trouble you can relieve your tension by a simple talk with a friend. Find a good way to distract yourself. Usually doing routine things can help to meditate, while learning something new helps to distract. Also, offer your help to others, as nothing is as pleasant as the feeling of being helpful. It is the time to think about your destination and things that should be removed from your life.

Negative traits to avoid: aloofness, ignorance, vanity, insufficiency, anger and complaining.

Choose such colors to wear: gold, lavender, olive, green and red.

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