Personal Month & Day Number 1

This is the best period to finish the projects you have started or develop the ideas or concepts that you have. You need to set priorities during this time. Do not give away all your time on something insignificant, even if it is urgent. It is time to do things important for you, so tasks from others can wait. This period is favorable for everything that you do, so it is better to accomplish tasks important and beneficial for you and not somebody else. Your hard work will be rewarded with success of your undertakings. If you have great idea or concept – it is the most profitable time to nurture it and make actions.

Negative traits to avoid: spontaneity, obstinacy, irritability, anxiousness, cynical views, and instigation.

Choose such colors to wear: red, orange, scarlet, violet.

Personal Month & Day Number 2

You must pay more attention to your personal life. Find an occasion to go out with people you love to spend a warm evening in conversation, because it seems like what you need. You will find a lot of things you need to hear. This time is good to relax and save some energy for the events ahead. Pay attention to the development opportunities around, maybe classes or entertaining events. It is a perfect time to spend working on your project, or being involved in any activity that needs concentration. Avoid hot topics or those that can lead you to the conflict.

Negative traits are: anxiety, anger, disorganization, lying, hypocrisy and lack of power of will.

Choose such colors to wear: gold, white, black, yellow or salmon colors.

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