Personal Month & Day Number 5

You will be really busy this time. You need to have some organizational skills in order to extract maximum profit from it. It would be nice if you use devices and apps to help you plan everything. This is a very favorable period, so make sure you work on important things for you. You will be extra productive. However, it is important to find time for your personal life as well. It is up to you how to prioritize your time. If you find energy and enthusiasm to go through this period, you will be massively rewarded.

Negative traits to avoid: insecurity, fear, lack of control, anger and explosiveness.

Choose such colors to wear: red, turquoise, pink, black or blue.

Personal Month & Day Number 6

It is a period to pay attention to people around you, especially to those you love. They will need your support, advice and handy help. Sometimes your simple present may change everything. During this period people will be in need for warm chat. It is a time when the feeling of loneliness strikes and people need to distract in order not to be depressed. It will be complicated for you, but you can also tell others about your life and problems, so your communication will be mutual. If you have a secret, it is time to share it, in case you had doubts on doing so.

Negative traits are: anxiety, egotism, and lack of self-sufficiency.

Choose such colors to wear: bright red, yellow, mustard, sea green and silver.

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