Personal Month & Day Number 7

During this period it is better to avoid taking important decisions, meeting people who can influence your life and making career choices. It is the time to spend in contemplation and self-reflection. Find a thing that makes you happy and relaxed, treat yourself and have some rest. This period is favorable for doing stuff we genuinely adore: like watching favorite episodes, videos on YouTube, playing games and music. You will have some time for your hobby and probably you will find a new and unexpected hobby, because it is a period of self-exploration.

Negative traits to avoid: aloofness, reserved demeanor, suspiciousness and extravagancy.

Choose such colors to wear: violet, purple or turquoise.

Personal Month & Day Number 8

During this time, you will experience higher level of energy circulating through your veins. It is a time to finish your previous pending projects that ask for your time and efforts. Even the smallest action will lead to tangible results, so it would be great if you prioritize your saturated schedule. It is your fortunate period; if you dreamed about achieving something for a long time and lacked of strength, resources, or possibility to do it, this time is here to assist you. However, such fortune is in power only, if you are ready for real actions and have courage. If it is not relevant, no changes will come.

Negative traits are: lying, greed, extra spending, vanity, hot temper and anger.

Choose such colors to wear: beige, tan, golden, grey-blue or lime green colors.

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