Personal Year 3

If you’ve got number 3, it means that you are up to something amazing this year. It will be fruitful and positive for you in most of things you do. You will get all the credits for what you have done. If you struggled at work – you will be rewarded. If you had problems in relationships – you will finally cope with it and will feel better. In case you had some problems, you should be waiting for them to be resolved in the last quarter of the year. As year number 3 is filled with different events, it is not likely for you to get bored. You should think twice before you make any important decisions. Avoid any unintentional purchases or unplanned trips. Think about making your time more organized and turn on your chilling mode at least sometimes, as you need to get proper rest and prepare for the next year.

Personal Year 4

Year number 4 is connected with pragmatic methods and lots of work. You will have to make continuous efforts to prove yourself and others that you can do everything you undertake. It is the year that takes away all the masks, reveals truth and removes illusions. You might question your authorities and rethink the ideas that you were sure about. It is time to think about what you have wanted to accomplish for a long time and do the actual steps towards it. Lots of attention should be paid to your health. You need to improve your eating and sleeping habits and to reduce stresses if it is possible. This year demands lots of decision that influence your life. Work will take the centre stage and love life will have to step aside a little bit.

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