Personal Year 1

If you were planning something for some time or procrastinated for some reason, there is no way you should do it. This year is the one of taking action. This is a year to rethink your style, old ideas and your perception of the world, as everything is changing. It is time to take actions and make your dreams reality. It is a beginning of an absolutely another time for you, filled with bright emotions and changes. This is a year to become more adjustable and to widen your outlook. All the problems that bothered you in the past will pass away, as the new year brings new events into focus, there will be no place for burdening past. In order to become happier you must let your past go, because you may end up being the one who clings to the past. This year will be a revealing one, people and things will show their real faces to you. It is a perfect year to plan your future, as it is a start of another phase.

Personal Year 2

This is rather calm year for you in contrast to the one before. During this time, the best thing you can do is to ensure that you are surrounded by people who you love and who understand you. Communication and understanding are the main spheres for you to concentrate on. It is time to develop and meet new people, who can enrich you with unconventional ideas and fresh approach to routine things. Don’t hurry with your undertakings: it is a year of thoughts and accumulation rather than action. Double–check everything before doing steps that can bring financial consequences to you. Find some time for yourself and your development. This year will have lots of routine work to do. Pay attention to your body, read more about vitamins and find a sport that is best for your lifestyle.

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