Personal Year 5

This year will be like a fresh air for you. You must concentrate on communication and probably it will be easy, as you will be in the centre of all events. You will meet people who can be very profitable for you in future. Changes will follow you in every sphere of your sphere. Some problems may appear, but they are to test your adjustability and firmness. If you withstand it, your life will change for better. You will be in different situations, and most of them will be emotional. If you show strength and fidelity to your principles – most of these emotions will be positive. It is crucial for you to understand what you want to get from this year and move towards this goal from the beginning of the year. In this case there is a great possibility that you will get what you wish.

Personal Year 6

Personal year number 6 tells you to focus on your real ambitions and desires. If you manage to put your goals first and make steps to improve your life, you have chances to succeed this year. It is a year to spend with people you love, as your private life may need more attention on your part. Some people can try to use you or take advantage of your connections or kindness, but try to be self –sufficient and set yourself first. Pay attention to the way you feel and to your inner harmony. It is time to understand yourself more, to find out how you have changed over the past time and what are your real objectives are. During this year it would be nice if you have a chance to complete the projects that are unfinished. This is a year of self–contemplation and understanding of your goals. Your job will also demand your attention. So some skills on self–organization will come in handy.

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