Personal Year 7

This year promises to be quiet and oriented on self–understanding. If you don’t like the situation in your life you are in, it is good time to begin planning on how to change it. You should be honest with yourself and find what makes you happy. There is a possibility that you will open a new sphere of interest this year and will have a new hobby. However, the problems from the past may emerge and you will have to cope with them this time. Generally, this year will be rather calm for you. This year is to accumulate energy and to set your priorities and reach inner harmony. Also, it is suitable to make a major health–check. This year will be the start of another phase in your life.

Personal Year 8

It will be very interesting year for you, the one of innovations and emotional uplift. During this period you will feel like everything is going well, at last. You will be rewarded for your efforts and everybody will value your input. During this year people with number 8 can build up their reputation. Also, there is a possibility that you will decide to make a big change in your life. By the end of this year, you will find it amazing how many things happened and changed. The main emphasis of this year goes on your social like, you will be surrounded by lots of people and it will be connected with your work. This year will bring you clarity on your main objective in life. Your active character, cheerful disposition and hard work will also pay off.

Personal Year 9

This is a year to sum up your situation in life, to contemplate over what you have and what your prospective are. Number 9 years are usually very emotional. It is time to let go those people who only hold you back in life and have no positive impact on you. It is an important step, because year 9 is the end of the numerological cycle and it is the best time to leave it all behind and to get ready for the new opportunities of the upcoming fresh cycle. It is also important for you to keep yourself together and be in control of your actions and decisions. If you want to make an influential or vital decision, it is better to wait for the next year. Listen to what your heart tells you, but make sure to double check it and be absolutely sure of your undertakings. Control, analysis and pragmatic actions are your keys to successfully finish this cycle.

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