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Number 8 person is very pragmatic. From the early childhood these people learn the value of money, and it becomes a goal of their life: to obtain. You are a typical consumer, but you work hard and have big expectations from future and you want your life to be lush and comfortable. You've got the right strategy and advanced intellect and fortune favors you. People with such opportunities need not to forget about the world around, in order not to become greedy. If you are quite wealthy and you still want more, you need to know that it is never going to be enough. You are in the risky category of business workaholics, you are so busy earning that the life rapidly flies right beside you.

Number 8 usually wants it all, and while rushing for it, they can loose what they already have. You need to separate work from home or family life, and seek for a balance. Your body state is strong and needs regular trainings in order not to lose this ability.

Though the financial side of your life is prosperous, your family life may bring you some unpleasant surprises. While large sums of money make your pocket warm, your partners can have interest in something more than your personality. So think twice before marrying someone. We all have complicated situations in life, but all of them are changed on something good.

You are quite successful in career. The most comfortable zones of work for you are concerned with material and well-ordered things: law, organizing, managing, finances, physics. You always want more. People are easily impressed by you, as you obtain a gift of persuasion and can explain something complicated in few words.

You always want more, but learn how to manage your desires and finances. You can overindulge yourself. Sometimes you can be arrogant or boast a little bit, but it can grow in selfishness and contempt. You strive for power, and often neglect people right beside you, though the opinion of society is essential for you. So be kind and sincere to people around.

Number 8 hides a lot of negative characteristics of the person, because under the influence of desires and power striving such people often become ruling, autocrats, obstinate and rude. Remember that active communication with people is the part of your success.

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