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People of number 5 can be great journalists. They are inspiring, justice-seeking and have a deep love for freedom. "Inspiring" is the word that fully describes you. You are quite talented person and that allows you to be a part of many different hobbies or interests. People like to be in your company as you can simplify the problem or help the person concentrate on the needed goal. Your communication skills are on the advanced level. You are the person that gives another one a little impulse to act, inspiring and making the person believe in yourself.

Though you willingly help others, you can't focus your efforts and knowledge on the profitable and needed things for you. You always resist any type of pressure and want to be free, but it can't free you from life realities and responsibilities. You may overindulge yourself being a shopaholic, having some odd kilos, or even taking drugs. You need to organize yourself with profit for your life. Taking into account your indulgence you need to keep diet and a healthy lifestyle. Indulgence is not the most emerging problem, the lack of motivation is. You need to have a strong desire to be better in the way you see it. It doesn't mean that you should be skinny or muscular – you need to find a shape and style that makes you healthy.

You tend to be infantile, taking joy from life in the things you can touch and feel. Sometimes you create an impression of a superficial person. It is a bad feature for building up healthy and durable relationships, as they implicate work and commitment from both sides. If you truly fall in love, you can change and adjust yourself to the partner, though it is a challenge for you.

You are active and energetic, you like to spend time with joy and pleasure. Your life philosophy avoids responsibilities and problems, and you feed yourself with illusions. But you have enough skills and talents to bear the real life problems. You only need to realize your potential and direct yourself on the development, so you'll never regret the chance untaken. You often need more time than others in order to make a decision, but if you initially feel that it is right and it is yours don't hesitate, or you can lose it all.

Generally, you are a pleasant person that lacks some organization and focusing on really important things. Develop your talents and strive for more.

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