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Number 4 type of personality is very organized and grounded. You can stand for your principles and ideas, because if you know something, you know it fully and for sure. You are not the type of person to have illusions about yourself, and it gives an advantage. Usually you have a strategy of behavior and plan for the future, because you don't like unpleasant surprises.

You clearly understand that hard work and determination can bring to the desiring point. You are not that risky person, you like everything to be planned so you're feeling safe and sound. As you don't believe in a happy opportunity, you know that only regular efforts can make you successful, at any area of life.

You are very practical and appreciate social norms, as these rules are clear and precise so you can build up a strategy on how to move forward. You are not a team player and feel better in a small circle of the closest people. You prefer to work precisely on the things you are professional in.

However, your love to rules and schedule makes you intolerant boss or co-worker. Just because you can work in such regime and have a formed list of principles, it doesn't mean that it suits other people. You are very stable in your ideas, and some people may consider you as narrow-minded one. Sometimes you really tend to stereotypes, but you are broad-minded and thoughtful person. You are a nice lover, as you care for the comfort of people you love. Deep inside you're quite emotional, and your soul construction is not that strong, so any stressful situation is a great damage for your peace of mind.

Financial aspect of life is very important for you, as most things that you like can be bought by money. But you're not a type of person that spends money, you save them up either for something grand or for a rainy day. You don't like changes, though no one does, but in your case it is displayed by rejection to develop and to bring something new to the things you already know. You have a touch of arrogance in your confidence, but it is always useful to develop even if you believe yourself to be a professional.

You can be a good boss and have a nice business, unless you are overly strict and demanding to the employees. Not everyone has the same point of view, as you have, and yours one isn't the only right for sure.

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