road, life, two

People under this number are kind-hearted and open to everything new. They obtain a great gift form the universe – empathy. Such people are touchy and feel deeply the hardships of others and are in pain from individual emotions. It often seems that such people are weak and simple, but the core inside number 2 is strong and personality is bright. Such people are often gifted.

They can be perfect orators and politics, as their tolerance and ethics always help them to get along with society. It is a type of people that can do something they are professionals in for free, if it is for a good's sake. They are inspiring and expressive artists. You have a talent that you need to develop, it will bring you satisfaction from life and profit for society. Political translator is a good example of job for such people. There they can manifest their talents and diplomatic skills, making any conflicting conversation milder.

As a person you are non-conflicting. You are always searching for consensus if conflicting situation occurs. You like serenity, it relieves your tension and lets your hair down. Also literature and arts inspire you and you are inclined to the culture and arts. Don't hesitate to develop yourself, go for what makes you satisfied. Such people are great politics, volunteers, doctors, psychotherapists.

Also such people are very dependent from the partner in the relationships. Deep sensitivity of number two can be a reason of misunderstanding in the relationships, because through the prism of your perception a lot of feelings are exaggerated and your partner may see everything just from the less emotional point of view. Learn to see the border of your emotionality. It will save you from a great amount of disappointments. However, your empathy helps you understand and react on the desires of your partner, what makes your union even more durable. However, if you are disappointed or your heart is broken, you can show the amount of rage no one could've imagined.

Learn to be independent from the society's opinion. You're so touchy that any critique leaves a print in your mind and causes complexes, usually unreasonable. You are already self-sufficient and you only need to believe in your own powers.

Your tactfulness and understanding of what people want in this moment will often help you in life. With your help conflict fades away and warm atmosphere establishes. You are responsible and can organize something, devoting yourself to this activity. Not everyone is able to appreciate your efforts, and you may feel underestimated. You should feel confident about yourself and take what's yours for the work done. Independence from the society's opinion is also the possibility to protect your dignity and to show what you are really worth of.

In the circle of close people you feel safe and sound, as these people are your "chargers". You sincerely love and support each other. You love to be in the limelight, and people adore your sense of humor. You make an impression of open and friendly person, so most of people like you. You like to keep things in order, though sometimes you let yourself a little bit of artistic chaos. Your preferences in clothing, food and people are sophisticated. You are a nice friend that is always ready to listen to the whines of people around and to provide a handy help if needed. Look for an activity that makes you satisfied and brings profit to the world around.

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