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Number 7 is oriented inward. This person values morals more than looks. In partnership it is very important for number 7 to have a similar set of priorities and common view on life. As a person number 7 is curious about the world. It is a typical investigator. You like truth-seeking and admire searching for facts and have bright mind and intellectual potential. When you find what you've been searching for the level of your enthusiasm rises and your mind produces great ideas.

Sometimes you are estranged from the world, because your normal work result requires it, and you work better when you have all the time on your own and no distractions. It has no exclusions, whether a co-worker or a lover wants to disturb you. This way you reach maximum productivity. But, as soon as the work is done, you go hard in other type of work - hobby. Your type of work is special and you prefer special free time spending. Such drastic changes don't give you enough time to find someone close easily. In your case it will be long road, but it is worth of.

You have precise limits of how far you can go in communication. You feel uncomfortable when unknown people stay to close to you or start intimate topics. That's why people think you are aloof and estranged. As you value your privacy, the privacy of others also isn't violated by you. You have a rich world inside, so don't hide in the shadows of your work and hobby. Maybe it is time for you to start an active socialization. Just don't be shy to let yourself a little bit more, be hang-loose and relaxed, let yourself some rest.

Try to widen your outlook, as it is a lot of fun for you and possibility to find new acquaintances. Lack of communication with people creates a vacuum in your heart, and you feel alone and unneeded. Sometimes you only need to take a step. If you reach the peak of isolation, and your friends are absent or consist of unknown people from the internet, you can become misanthrope and sarcastic. It can make people around suspicious and negative gossiping about your nature may appear. We all need at least one person to talk to, look around and find someone to open up.

You strive for independency, and it is understandable, but you often confuse independence with loneliness. Being independent doesn't mean cutting the ties with past. You are very interesting person and a lot of people may find your experience and way of thinking interesting. You need to develop the talent you have, because it will help you in your professional activity. Be less strict to yourself, appreciate your efforts and achievements. Remember that people around can bright up your life if you let them. Be careful with arrogance and selfishness, as you are especially exposed to these feelings.

Try to share your knowledge and experience. You have lots to give to other people, maybe volunteering or social activities will help you socialize and find your comfortable place out of the comfort zone you are used to. You need to cheer up your life. Maybe it is time to make something unusual in a good sense of this word e.g. to try something opposite to your professional sphere. Just for fun.

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