Lacking Number 7

Number 7

You are too careless in your life. Life will put you in situations where you need to expand your knowledge and skills in a few areas, and you will probably have to learn something new time after time. You will feel trapped in recurrent situations until you learn the lesson and start acting in a more profound way. You also need to care more about others because often you think that it is fine, but it turns out it is worse than you thought, and everybody was aware of it but you.

Self-criticism in a moderate amount will help you. Working on your disadvantages usually brings you even more profit than just avoiding situations where they can surface.

Expand your outlook, make yourself dive deeper, and learn situations from different angles.

Lacking Number 8

Number 8

It is a time of trial for your financial situation. You know how to earn and save money, as well as how to manage a business. However, even your skills do not guarantee that financial troubles will pass you by due to your major flaw of inattentiveness or carelessness when it comes to money, as you believe you are qualified in that area. You don’t like to get advice, as it feels like you are being told what to do. You are stubborn and rarely consider the opinions of others.

This stubbornness deprives you from taking the opportunities fully. You are never going to pay attention to any opportunity despite its coolness, if you are not in charge of it. Your skepticism when it comes to authority of somebody else makes you see less and get less.

You are going to be in situations that can be figured out only if you are flexible and able to expand your outlook. You will be forced to show weakness and ask for assistance in a money-related situation. You will receive help, but you need to accept this help if you don’t want to lose everything you worked so hard for. You won’t have problems with earning money but with keeping it.

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