Lacking Number 1

Number 1

You can achieve more than you can imagine, but you experience problems getting started. Be a yes-person; don’t hide from opportunities – chase them. In order to improve each and every sphere of your life, you should not be afraid to be in charge or be more determined to reach any goal. You should embrace small difficulties and act, without procrastination, extensive preparations, or waiting for the right moment. It’s only a matter of time before you will be pushed out of your comfort zone by your life. You will need to handle a lot of difficult decisions and do it all by yourself without anyone giving you advice or a prep talk.

You will meet a lot of people who are principled and stubborn. It is up to you what your strategy will be: to be equal and dominant or to feel inferior and weaker. Situations like this, when you need to prove yourself, will shape your character. It will help you realize your potential and be in tune with your inner self. Avoid thinking about the opinion of other people. You need to be self-sufficient, so nobody can make you doubt who you are. Follow your inner sense.

Lacking Number 2

Number 2

Sometimes, you are too direct and tactless, and it will be the main thing you need to work on. You like to be rewarded for the result, but you rarely enjoy the process. Try to set goals important to you only, so you are not oriented towards somebody’s reward or opinion. Learn how to become a team player and appreciate people around you.

You often neglect what others say and how they feel. You tend to demand too much from others in order to get your result faster. You will need to learn how to cooperate, help, and contribute. It will increase the quality of your life and the value of your work. Everything that is really important to you in life will come slowly, after you do things not to be rewarded and when you grow patient. You should be comfortable sharing success with people around you, even if you were the main person who figured out everything and successfully finished the project.

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