Lacking Number 3

Number 3

You always put yourself down. In any situation, you pay attention to your negative results more than to your achievements. It happens because you’ve already decided that you cannot be extremely successful in anything. You strive for perfectionism, blindly thinking it is good for you. You know that it is impossible to reach perfection, yet you find yourself consistently comparing your strength, skills, achievements, and looks to your idol. It is a good path if your goal is to be never satisfied in your life.

Don’t take things and people too seriously, especially get used to laughing at yourself. It will help you a lot. You will face situations in life where you need to be extremely creative and use all the potential of your intelligence and wit. You need to learn how to believe in yourself, rely on your intuition, and follow what seems right to your heart. You will need to learn to get away with failure calmly. Otherwise, in addition to failure, you will eat yourself from the inside with unrealistic expectations and reality. Number 3 is a sign of creative energy, but if your Karmic Lesson number is 3, it usually indicates that, in order to achieve success, you will stumble and fall and continue pursuing your dream.

Lacking Number 4

Number 4

You don’t really know what you want from life. You are not sure you’ll ever find out who you want to become when you grow up, though you already have a history of being an adult. You need to maintain some mandatory rules and implement them. You need to get some stability or anchor in life. Create goals that are achievable; otherwise, you will rarely feel harmony in life.

Discover your preferences and what you really enjoy practicing and go for it. You can become financially successful doing anything. You don’t need to be an attorney or a doctor to achieve it. One way or another, you will find a comfortable slot for yourself. Don’t hesitate to start again if you fail. If you are looking for somebody else to provide you answers on what’s wrong with you, your decisions, or your life, it is not going to happen. You need to discover your own potential and act even if it is uncomfortable, not the right moment, or you don’t feel like doing it. It is better than spending your life without proper self-realization.

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