Lacking Number 5

Number 5

You are afraid to explore the world. You have always defined yourself as a non-adventurous person. However, you live, and everything just passes by you. Embrace the challenges and opportunities in your life. Take chances. Travel when it is possible. Try to find the roads untraveled and see what is not seen by everyone. Literally expand your horizon. Your experience will not only give you knowledge but will also shape you as a person and bring you an additional taste of life.

You hate changes, as it involves a lot of things at once, and nothing can be planned or anticipated. Anyway, life will make you adapt and overcome changes. It will lead you to flexibility. You are quite static and stable in your preferences, missing out on new cool things. Don’t sick to the rules in life. There are not many things that can easily be defined as good or bad. Learn about faith and start by believing in yourself.

Lacking Number 6

Number 6

It is rare that you stick with something long enough. It concerns personal relationships, plans in life, and responsibilities at work. You don’t really care about it, at least that is the way it seems. You need to open to people more and let them see the whole spectrum of your emotions. You tend to feel alone, even if you are surrounded by people you love. You need to figure out how to be more open about your feelings and the way you express them. You will get a lot of chances to learn how to demonstrate your feelings better but don’t be afraid to do it.

You will understand the importance of friends and people you can trust. Also, it is hard to explain the joy of long-term, mutually pleasant, and trusting relationships. You will be in situations where you need to show love and to sacrifice something in order to make that love stay. It is one of the most difficult things but also one of the most rewarding.

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