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Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number 1

People with number 1 prefer to be the only ones who are responsible for their future, so they tend to take actions based on their own decisions only. They are self-sustaining and able to organize oneself in order to fulfill most, if not all, of their plans. Ones are reactionary people; they don’t think too much or sit prior to taking action. They like to be an inspiration and motivation to others, encouraging them to act as well. They are highly competitive, and a simple spark provokes a huge motivation fire. They are tough competitors. They firmly believe in a saying, ‘If you want a thing well done, do it yourself’, when it comes to leading or managing teams.

Number 1 would never do something he/she doesn’t believe in. Their belief is disarming, and a lot of people fall under their charm and get inspired. Ones are persuasive, powerful, self-reliant, and motivated. It is hard to beat.

Their power comes with great responsibility, and it is a bitter side to their life, as they often have to make truly tough decisions and are held responsible for any negative feedback.


Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number 2

Number 2 is a person you connect with simultaneously. You can feel that they are listening to understand you, not only to seem polite. Number 2 is highly attentive and keen on details. It helps them easily find the right keys to different people, since they see people through, and it saves some time while building connections.

This type of people are great mediators, able to tone down any conflict. People love this character trait, so in times of trouble, they always tend to confide in Number 2. They help others seamlessly, so to speak organically. It is amazing that an hour ago you were feeling completely down, and now you are speaking with Number 2, discussing a stand-up comedy, movie or your opinion on healthcare, and you are no longer aching for an initial problem. That is the magic of 2.

Generally, Number 2 strives for harmony and calmness. They know how to enjoy things. Number 2 can become the greatest representation of hedonists! They are happy when they are relaxed, and they have a talent to help others feel the same way too. Lots of people they meet become their long-term friends or lifelong contacts.


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