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Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number 5

Number 5s are always taking chances. They are in the unstoppable current of events. They long for something new, as often as it is possible.

Needless to say, Number 5s know how to party. Continuous flow of ideas inhabits their mind, and it brings them satisfaction, because it means they always have something new to work on.

They’re actually curious about other cultures, and it is quite usual for them to go to a domestic or international trip spontaneously. They prefer roads untraveled. The only drawback they can suffer from is difficulty following the idea to its completion.

It is complicated for Number 5 to stay inspired long enough for the whole lifecycle of an idea. In order to change this situation, they should look at a project that they need to finish as an area for inspiration and new knowledge that sparks new ideas and following projects.

Number 5 needs to try something new a few times a month: food, drinks, books, tv shows, courses, trips or meeting new people. By following this lifestyle, they will be content with their life


Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number 6

Number 6 is a very devoted person. It is usual for them to have a caretaking role in any type of relationship. They are polite, tactful, caring, and thoughtful of others. It is a great treasure to have Number 6 as a friend or a partner in life. It is hard for sixes to pass by a person in distress.

Number 6 usually prefers to be surrounded by other people. They are good companions and have the best advice, because they are sincere with the desire to be helpful. They feel in harmony when they’ve been helpful to others. They often ignore their own needs, because other people are a priority. Also, they tend to neglect their own opinion and, in important situations, rely on the opinion of others. They usually have this one major person in their life they confide in. However, they feel fantastic when they are able to make a difference.

Number 6 is a kind force of the universe that strives only for the best.

Number 6 opens up the most in a team, committing to a common task. They are able to find common ground with anyone. Even if they lose somebody from their life, they build new connections quickly, since people love to be around them.


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