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Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number 3

Number 3 loves being around other people. They share their energy and feel fulfilled after that. Number 3s are friendly and approachable people, who tend to draw all eyes on them.

They love to experiment, and they rarely say ‘no’ to some sort of adventure. Number 3s don’t like staying on their own for a long time; they strive for company.

Their energy is contagious and fills the crowd, despite the size of that crowd. They are inborn orators and eloquent diplomats, salesmen of any kind, project managers, HRs, musicians and performers.

By nature, they tend to be open and direct with others, and they rarely shy away from complicated talk. If Number 3 makes an aware career choice, they usually tend to expressive arts. They are also good in business matters – because it is hard to find someone more charming in conversation than Number 3.

It is important that threes have an outlet for their self-expression if they have chosen a rather steady career. This outlet might be sport, hobbies, or shared activities with others. Threes tend to be deeply depressed if they are not able to express themselves properly.


Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number 4

Number 4 people are most comfortable when they know for sure what they are doing, have an organized plan or strategy in life. They tend to create regulations and do one thing at a time, making sure everything is all set.

4s loathe chaos. If the situation is out of their control, they feel huge discomfort. They persevere and often get what they aimed for. They are happy when their mind is working on something.

Number 4s love to create rituals and routines. They have everything figured out, and even at home, everything has its own place, so person number 4 can walk you through their house without even being physically present there. They have a great sense of order.

Number 4s need to pay attention to balance in their career and social life. One is not possible without the other. The disbalance in these areas of their life can lead to much greater problems, so they need to avoid being both workaholics and people who leave the party last.


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