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Your advantages

People, who were born on this day, are ruled by mind during all the life. Their mind and their consciousness are very developed. Intellect and knowledge are the key tools for this kind of people to investigate the world and to take decisions. If you were born on 7th, you deal with all the subjects thoughtfully and rationally. There is a great possibility to open, to improve and to use all your abilities to the full if you choose one definite area and give all your energy and efforts to its development.

Relationships are important for you, but you perceive them analytically and without sentiments. Emotional people are strange and unpredictable "objects" for you. Usually you don't trust emotions. However, your intuition is excellent. You may trust your first impression and your inner feeling. Definite complex of spiritual exercises in combination with meditation may help you to step the higher level of intuition development.

Area of work suitable for you is science. Here you may open your intellect gift to the full. Technical area is good for you too. It is important to concentrate your efforts on the field you have talent in. You feel more comfortable working along than in team. You prefer to be responsible just for your part of job and not to be dependent of others.

Your imperfections

Your feelings are usually very deep. But it is difficult for you to open your heart and share your thoughts, dreams and feelings. You prefer to be alone more. Don't become too closed and cold-hearted. Communication and warmness of other people will help you to dispose of your cynicism. Sometimes you may be too critical and stubborn. Your relationships may suffer if you stay opinionated and self-centered. These are traits you have to overcome. Learn to be more loyal to others and more faithful. Especially it concerns happiness of your marriage.

Of cause, it is not necessary to share feelings with all the people. Just choose somebody you trust. Try to find harmony between your intellectual talent and sensitiveness. There is only way to build and to have long-lasting good relationships in your life.

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