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Number two is absolutely opposite to number 1 in its characteristics. It is romantic and soft. People with this birthday number are clever, creative and they obtain different artistic skills as well as developed imagination. They live in their own reality, having a colorful inner world. They look for intelligence and understanding in people rather than for physical attractiveness. They are very spiritual and easy to inspire. However, sometimes they go too far in their dreamy world. People with number 2 are not aggressive or bold. They are harmonious, calm and gentle. Sometimes they are too touchy. Hard physical work doesn't fit their nature. They are kind-heated, but they never let other people use them.

Emotional features

People born on this day are searching for a partner that understands and supports them in everything. They can't imagine love being only a physical aspect, as they appreciate understanding and mutuality the most. That is why their sexual desire depends directly on their disposition. They prefer soul over body. Sex is a peak of mutual love and understanding for them, not a simple instinct, but a true manifestation of love. The true happiness for number 2 is spiritual unity with partner. Something in common, topics for conversation and mutual understanding are way more important for them than sex itself. Their alliances are especially successful and full of happiness for them if their partner is on the same spiritual level. If they are married to a person who is physically strong but spiritually weak, such relationships will exhaust both sides, and it won't end positively.

It is indispensable for such people to be valued and understood. The ideas they have should be shared with people who support and inspire them. Their strength is an intellect, so they need people who have the same intellectual level and can support their point of view or explain what is wrong with the idea. It is most of all. They may have different views, but they should have same intellect type. If number 2 experiences hardships during an implementation of the ideas, he or she may become frustrated and confused. So the main task for number 2 is to double check everything before doing.

A person who inspires confidence and faith is indispensible for a success of a number 2 birthday person. Self-expression in any form of art is a great way to develop skills and to earn money. In the field of art they feel comfortable and relaxed, but it doesn't mean that they are bad at logic or math: such people are intellectuals. If such person mastered certain skill or science, he or she will be a real example of professionalism. Their mood is really changeable and a lot of decisions depend mostly on it.

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