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People with birthday number 3 are associated with self-confidence, boldness and power of will. People like this are deeply concerned about their financial position and career in general. Sometimes it is quite hard for them to be in a role of employee or subordinate due to their ambitions. They are very energetic and won't stop until they get what they want. They are usually certain in everything they do, doubt is not about them, moreover they don't like when others hesitate. People with number 3 are not afraid to have great plans, because they always know how to make this plan real. They are great managers, though a little bit bossy but still their subordinates have the best results. Discipline is the core element in the leadership style of number 3. That is why the managerial abilities of such people are excellent. They are very sturdy and can work hard until exhausted. They obtain impressive health. Generally, it is one of the strongest birthday numbers.

Emotional features

Two main features of birthday number 3 are courage and ambition. As well as number 1, people with number 3 lack of time for romantic relationships, but if they fall in love they will never lose their person. They are hunters in relationships, the intrigue and mystery of their partner drives them crazy. It means that a person they fall for should obtain strong character, but be able to accept their power. They won't stay in the relationships where the partner is as strong as number 3. The partner of number 3 shouldn't be weak, but he or she should never be stronger in something, because it will really hurt the pride and ego of number 3 person. People of this kind should go through a lot of complicated situations in order to understand that they are not the center of the universe.

Their sexual life may be characterized as bright and powerful. They like to hear how good they are. The partner of number 3 should always keep in mind the nature of hunter in this person and save the intrigue in relationships, so number 3 will never lose interest and desire.

However, perfect soul mates for birthday number 3 should be gentle and flexible if they want to support passionate relationships with such person as number 3. It is better not to demand equality (at least make sure number 3 doesn't know about it). People like number 3 want to dominate in everything. Nobody should risk and calm down or limit this person without any reason. In this case relationships can be great only if another partner understands that he or she is rather subordinate or second pilot.

Number 3 people have to learn how to manage their emotions and cool their temper down. Excessive ambitions lead people the wrong way. Patience is also a skill that need to be mastered. Number 3 should learn on mistakes, and avoid being presumptuous.

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