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Your advantages

Your strengths are in your philosophy of life and in your ability to see deeply what others can't see or unable to understand as fast as you do it. It makes you a little bit weird to others, and you often feel like "an Englishman in New York". You try to find a common language with others, to simplify what you've already known.

You obtain an analytical mind that helps you see the hidden motives of others or easily guess what bothers their minds. You have no problems with being focused. Use your intelligence as your strongest tool. If you are interested in something, you have a potential to be an expert in this field due to your curiosity. It can become your profession or well-paid hobby.

In addition to your mind, you have well-developed intuition, it is a great bonus, isn't it? Use your intuition when you are in doubt and can't solve it with your mind only, it may become your light in the darkness. You are a person that is able to become an expert in a certain field, so if you feel that you haven't found it, don't stop looking for it. When you find it, be careful and always analyze information in order to stay flexible and not limited by given information only.

Your shortcomings

The danger that is possible for you is being a loner that can lead to strangeness. You are also exposed to be so pride of yourself and your achievements that it can lead to vanity and break in self-development. Always be critical to information, try to learn more, but don't place yourself higher than others. You can sink in your interests so much that you may become irrational and dreamy, and as a result lose the earning potential. Your challenge is to be flexible.

Though you are analytical, you are still very sensitive and can't get close with people easily. Communication is usually hard for you, because you need to find a person that sees what you see or at least understands you without judging. You like being alone, it doesn't bother you. You have problems with maintaining romantic relationships in the long run.

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